8 tips to make your office environmentally-friendly

In order to create a happier and healthier workplace, we must get our colleagues involved in collectively boosting the #EcoHealth of our offices. We have gathered 8 quick tips to get your workplace acting sustainably!


  1. BYO lunch: First off, we recommend bringing in your own lunch, which will both save you money and the environment. Pack reusable containers with food like a salad, carrot sticks and dip or even museli.
  2. Use electricity responsibly: An appliance Standards Awareness Project study found that the typical microwave, when not in use, burns as much as 35 kilowatt hours in “vampire power” to illuminate the clock and keep the buttons in standby mode. Make sure you turn the microwave off at the switch when not in use and share this info with your colleagues! Also stating the obvious, don’t forget to flick the switch on computers, lights, printers etc. at the end of the day.
  3. Be aware of excess consumption: We know it can be easy to lose track of how many coffee pods we have gone through in a day or perhaps how many take away coffee cups we buy in a week. Try to find alternatives for these functions, such as buying a press coffee maker or invest in a Keep Cup to cut down on disposables.
  4. Introduce a bit of indoor nature: Having plants in your office may boost your mood and keep the air clean. At the same time as being incredibly aesthetic!
  5. Use low-tox cleaning products: We have focused on these types of cleaning products throughout #EcoHealth April, phasing out the use of commercial cleaners. In replacement, use bi-carb soda, vinegar and essential oils instead!
  6. Transportation: Try your best not to use your car when it is not absolutely essential. Catch public transport, walk or ride to save both on petrol and carbon emissions.
  7. Effectively manage your workplace waste: If you have an invisible recycling bin, now is the time to implement one! Learn with your colleagues how to split your waste into paper, plastic/ glass and food scraps.
  8. Design signage and get the convo started: Stick up posters in bathrooms and around the office to remind your colleagues to be aware of all of the above and feel motivated to make a change! Make sure you promote these environmental values positively so others will want to join you.


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