6 meaningful Christmas Gifts that keep giving

We think it’s time to move beyond socks and candles this Christmas, to go for a feel-good option that is both unexpected and incredibly meaningful. After all, tis’ the season for giving and, more importantly, giving back.

Here are six life-saving inspired gift ideas to brighten up more than just one person’s Christmas.

1.Wouldn’t every little girl love her very own cuddly koala? And we don’t mean a plush one!

The Australian Koala Foundation puts monthly donations toward the work of saving koalas in the wild. Just by sponsoring one koala, many endangered and orphaned animals are provided with regenerative and restorative journeys. You may also be able to visit your koala depending where they are located in Australia. Elevate sponsors our own koala named Tallara!

2. Change a child’s entire world for just $48 per month.

Sponsoring a World Vision child means you partner with a organisation which works with communities to give children brighter futures. World Vision also have lots of gift card options at different price points. What about gifting to the foodie in your life a card that provides an energy-efficient eco-cooking stove to help a less fortunate family reduce indoor pollution, prevent smoke-related illness and save time spent collecting firewood.

3.Perhaps gifting a ‘School Essentials Kit’ via The Smith Family will put things into perspective for your own kids!

For $85, you can help a disadvantaged child fit in at school by providing things most children take for granted, like stationery and a new school uniform. Click HERE to see all the thoughtful gifts you can consider from The Smith Family. The also have beautiful Christmas cards.

4.Make your son’s Christmas with his very own tiger.

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) offers a range of iconic species to adopt, including tigers, turtles, polar bears and snow leopards (we’ve got one of our very own). Your adoption will help WWF work with governments and local communities to prevent the illegal trade of animals and their body parts, reduce conflict with stakeholders and protect habitats. Click HERE to see all the animals you can adopt.

5.If you already have a few monkeys in the house, there is no harm in adding an orangutan to the zoo.

According to The Orangutan Project, one in six orangutan orphans are lucky enough to be rescued with the organisation housing over 1000 orphans in rescue and rehabilitation centres. In light of this, Elevate sponsors our own orangutan, Popi! If you don’t know what to give grandpa this year, maybe an orangutan will make him smile!

6. Got your family sorted, now what about your friends. Unicef offers an array of life-saving gifts.

1,000 pencils can be bought for $41, or the gift of 90 therapeutic milk sachets for $125 to keep babies fed. Given that measles claims the lives of hundreds, most of which are young children, unicef also offers 150 measles vaccines for just $85. Click HERE to take your pick.

Make this year’s Christmas gift to your loved ones a gift they will remember and one that gives back to the communities and others less fortunate.

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