5 Health Apps Essential for a Healthy You

With an abundance of mobile phone health apps floating around in cyber space, we have done the hard work for you and chosen the best five free (yes, free) apps to help improve your health.


  1. Movesum – for Movement Monitoring
    Say hello to this brand new step-counting concept within a beautifully designed app. Movesum provides motivation to exercise through giving  you a clear view of how the food you eat is effected by your exercise, giving visual representations of what it takes to undo a donut or a serving of fries. Set movement goals by using smart notifications to reach your daily goal and to build streaks! Get moving with Movesum now. Download the App HERE.
  2. Happify – for Stress & Worry
    Happify uses science-based activities to offer psychological benefits, such as helping to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts and games to boost your emotional wellbeing. All techniques are developed by leading scientists who have intricately studied the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. Download the App HERE.
  3. MINDBODY- for Fitness at your Fingertips
    On MINDBODY you find fitness classes that are happening around you and take up special introductory class offers. Bookings are all via the app. YYou can aso find other we being services, You will never be bored if you try something different every day! Download the App HERE.
  4. Calm – for Mindfulness
    Awared 2017 Apple App of the Year, Calm offers guided meditations, breathing exercises and sleep stories all in the comfort of your own home… or bed, or car, or wherever else you may find comfortable. Various music stations are also available to help you focus, relax or fall asleep, as well as expert-led masterclasses on your general health and wellbeing. Download the App HERE.
  5. Plant Nanny – for Hydration
    If you forget to drink adequate amounts of water, Plant Nanny is here for you. Maintaining a healthy H2O level in the midst of our busy day-to-day lives is difficult, but nevertheless important. Plant Nanny allows you to track your daily water intake whilst combining it with a little bit of fun. The aim is to keep the animated plant alive by keeping up with your daily cups of water to help it grow! Download the App HERE.

Elevate can also be found on two great health apps.  HealthEngine allows you to book your next appointment without making a call. Yep, you heard that right, our GPs, chiropractor and osteopaths can be booked and confirmed instantly – and find us on  Whitecoat for reviews from our community.

So, start to reduce the stress and havoc on your body this year with some help from our favourite health apps!

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