5 Great Food Combinations

Some foods are great alone, but combined with a second, it’s a case of one plus one makes THREE, as scientists have discovered when studying different pairings of food in our daily diet.

Here are five great (and easy) combos to boost your wellbeing, according to the health reporters at Reader’s Digest:

1. Apples and raspberries are both good for your health, but combined, they are food superheroes, enhancing the antioxidant properties of both. Combine them in different delicious desserts and lower your cancer risk!

2. Wine and fish go well together too, helping your body to absorb more disease-fighting omega-3 fatty acids. But, be sensible, and limit your wine intake to one or two glasses a day

3. Yoghurt and bananas in combination are the perfect snack to counteract low blood glucose after exercise, so go for a banana smoothie and feel the difference!

4. Salmon and sesame seeds are fantastic, according to researchers, for reducing PMS symptoms are salmon provides Vitamin D and sesame seeds provide calcium. Together, studies show they lower risk of PMS by 30 to 40 per cent.

5. Green tea and lemon juice is another great combination if you want more heart-healthy antioxidants flowing through your bloodstream. Combine the two in a hot, healing brew daily to kick-start of end your day, and you have a healthy habit for life.

Want to know more? Read on at http://www.rd.com/slideshows/power-food-pairings-for-incredible-health/?trkid=channel

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