Intravenous nutrients assist in giving the body a boost at times of high stress, injury or illness and promoting general well-being.

Our bodies need daily doses of essential nutrients to function optimally. While we can get these from our diet, most of us don’t consume sufficient amounts in times of stress or illness or we don’t absorb them properly because our digestive system is compromised. As well, many environmental and lifestyle factors deplete our body’s supply of these nutrients, especially smoking, alcohol, caffeine, processed and fast foods.

Vitamin C in intravenous dosage is especially helpful when fighting acute and chronic infections, for chronic fatigue, pre and post surgery and to generally boost the immune system. It is essential for healing and plays a profound role in heart and brain function. During illness or disease, we need more Vitamin C to speed the healing process.

Intravenous therapy provides a safe dose of nutrients such as Vitamin C directly into the blood stream using a drip, therefore bypassing the digestive system and guaranteeing maximum absorption into the cells. Our Integrative GP will prescribe the right kind of treatment for your individual needs and our Registered Nurse will provide the treatment. Once your prescription is developed, you can come into the clinic to have treatments by booking with our front desk team.

Our Integrative GPs and RN also provide Intramuscular Injections (IM) such as Vitamin B Complex, B12 and annual Vitamin D.

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