You are assured the very best care from our General Practitioners

  • Our GPs allow more time for appointments so that they can provide the highest level of care and they’re always on time to see you.
  • Our GPs consult with our Allied Health and Complementary Medical practitioners and specialists in other areas.
  • Best of all, our GPs are focused on ‘wellness’ rather than sickness and are passionate about preventative healthcare, treating you for the long-term and helping you avoid illness and injury.

Keeping you healthy

Preventative healthcare typically involves diagnostic tests to detect any illnesses early, as well as guidelines on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Your GP can help you plan and commit to quit smoking, assist you cut down on excessive drinking and steer you in the right direction with your diet. They can also explain how regular exercise prevents many chronic health issues and keeps you healthy long-term.

Sometimes your GP might think it is a good idea if you see another doctor, health care professional or community services practitioner. In this case they can make a referral for you or provide you with a Chronic Disease Management Plan or a GP Healthcare Plan where you can see allied health practitioners as well as our GP and receive a Medicare rebate.

Our GP services include:

Because our GPs and specialists work together at our Sydney CBD facility, they can easily keep track of your progress, have direct and immediate access to your test results and collaborate with our team of practitioners to ensure you get the best care.

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