What led you to Elevate?

Elevate is an environment that utilises a multidisciplinary approach when treating a patient’s health, lifestyle and overall wellbeing. I have always enjoyed working alongside wide ranging disciplines and feel as though it is important to work in an environment that will always put the patient first.

What do you appreciate about Elevate?

To be affiliated with a team of professionals, that provide exceptional treatment. This creates passion and empathy that emphasises the health and wellbeing of patients. Allied health professionals listen with their hearts as well as their hands.

What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?

Good nutrition, regular exercise and a well-balanced lifestyle.

What mistakes do patients make?

Not listening to their body. Patients fall into the trap of neglecting a dysfunction that leads to poor movement and health outcomes, which further increases the likelihood of injury. Patients often ignore these earlier signs due to the nature of having stressful lifestyles and occupations.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Being affiliated with both athletes and the every- day person alike. Also working alongside the NSW Institute of Sport. I have recently taken an interest in the NSW Olympic swimmers working at the NSW Institute of Sport.

 Tell us a little about your credentials?

I have completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage ACNT QLD; Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise and Sports Science); Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Engineering). I am also currently pursuing entry into a Masters of Physiotherapy program.

What are your extracurricular passions?

I find the fitness and sports world fascinating. It is an enjoyable hobby where I often find myself engaging and researching resistance training and its all-encompassing aspects. I also enjoy being outdoors. So much so, that you would often find me at the local swimming pool or going for a jog outside on most days of the week. I have also have taken a profound interest in the areas of personal development and motivation, and how they affect our daily lives.

Zac Moukaddem
Zac MoukaddemDiploma of Remedial Massage; Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise and Sports Science); Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Engineering)

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