Matt is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Elevate’s Head Physiotherapist. He has a special interest in sports injuries, spine-related problems and work-related injuries. He has developed several screening tools appropriate for individuals of all abilities, ranging from elite athletes to beginners just embarking on a new fitness program, to identify injuries before they happen. From this information exercise programs can be tailored to correct deficiencies, improving performance and avoiding injury.

What led you to Elevate?

I take enormous pride in my profession and my place within it. I hope that permeates through what I do with my clients every day.

What do you appreciate about Elevate?

The company encourages the wider community to rank their health as a higher priority than what they do normally, and that resonates with me.

What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?

That it is important that everyone is able to participate in the physical activities they enjoy most. This keeps people happy and healthy. If I can help people maintain their level of desired activity, I am contributing positively to the community as a whole.

What mistakes do patients make?

Many don’t execute the advice given accurately or entirely.

What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients?

A variety of physical activities is important to avoid physiological overload. And, be proactive. No overuse injury comes out of the blue. There are warning signs. Listen to your body; it’s cleverer than you think!

Listen to your body; it’s cleverer than you think!

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy being involved with motivated people who are striving to achieve something they have never attempted – and helping them to get there.

Tell us a little about your credentials?

I am a physiotherapist with more than 13 years’ experience. I have completed a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University and was acknowledged as an APA titled Sports Physiotherapist in 2014. I have worked with Olympic runners and international level boxers and am a Physiotherapist for the Sydney Swans. I am also a committee member of the NSW Sports Physiotherapists Association and a clinical educator at both Macquarie and Australian Catholic Universities.

What are your extracurricular passions?

Outside Elevate, I love sports of all varieties and keeping fit. I love packing my weekends with a whole bunch of activities ranging from surfing, cycling, and rock climbing, going to the footy, then sharing some beers with mates and having a laugh about it all.

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