What led you to Elevate?

Having 6 years Sports Injury and Massage Therapy, as well as over 16 years, combat sports experience I wanted to work with practitioners that are the best in their field and have an integrative approach. Elevate was a natural choice.

What do you appreciate about Elevate?

Working closely with other great practitioners that excel in their fields, all striving to provide the greatest care for our patients possible.

What are your core beliefs about wellness and health?

I believe that to reach your optimal health potential, you must not only eat well and exercise often but also look after your mind. Keep everything in moderation for a healthy mind, body and soul.

What mistakes do patients make?

The main mistakes people tend to make are rushing their exercise for quick results leading to injury, experiencing pain, taking painkillers and hoping that it just “goes away”. When in rehabilitation easing off their stretching and exercises because it’s “feeling better” isn’t the solution.

I believe in taking a multidisciplinary approach to assist clients in leading a healthier & more balanced lifestyle so that they can achieve greater results.

What key health lessons do you like to impart to patients?

To take time in the day to stretch and move your joints around. Many of us these days spend too many hours in certain postures and positions that are not healthy for our bodies. Taking as little as a few minutes a couple of times a day can make a huge difference!

Tell us a little about your credentials?

I have a Diploma of Remedial Massage 2004 from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and a Certificate of Myofascial Dry Needling 2007 – (Allied Soft Tissue). I am also a Martial Arts coach, which has provided me with a greater and more in-depth understanding of the physiology of the body.

What are your extracurricular passions?

Mixed Martial Arts, Olympic Wrestling and Combat Sports.

Marc Safaniev
Marc SafanievDip. RM

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